Apollo 11 Flying site

Model airplane areas host non-contact activities in which participants are separated while engaging in the hobby. The following restrictions, maintenance protocols, and monitoring protocols are required to ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines:


                Physical distancing of six (6) feet is required at all times.

                Face coverings are required at all times.

                No group gatherings are allowed.

                No events are allowed at this time.

                Participants may only touch and handle their own model airplanes and gear.

                Doors, entrances, and/or gates shall remain open during normal operational hours.

Maintenance Protocols:

                Benches and tables will be cordoned off to discourage group gatherings.

                Sanitize all items used.

                Sanitize items before and after each use.

                Restrooms will be sanitized regularly.

                Water fountains shall be available to fill water bottle use only.

Monitoring Protocols:

           Instructional and informational signage must be posted throughout the facility regarding infection                control, physical distancing, and the use of face coverings.

           Facility Operator will conduct periodic visits daily to monitor that participants are complying with                the restrictions.

           Facility Operator shall consider restricting the use of the model plane area to a maximum of two (2)                hours for each visit by participant.

           Participants will be asked to leave if not complying with these restrictions.

Letter of Agreement as of 5/20/2020 with Van Nuys Air traffic Control & Valley Flyers to keep Apollo Field open